Losing control of their light,
lighthouse keepers plummet from heroes to victims.
A feature length film drama about survival.

Lighthouse keepers lived and worked with unexpected danger every day. The major causes were the ever changing large body of water and the rugged coastline they lived beside along with the weather. The motion picture LIGHTHOUSE UNMANNED graphically shows in the opening scenes a lesser known part of a lighthouse keeper job worldwide. They were first responders to ships and sailors wrecked in their area. Their acts of bravery were largely unknown and unrecognized because of their isolation. They were everyday heroes. Most of the lighthouse keepers are deceased now but our motion picture will recognize them for their acts of courage.

Lighthouse Unmanned was written by Sharma Krauskopf, and tells a story about a computer taking over the operation of the lighthouse beacon an assistant keeper is no longer needed. It is the end of his profession which included his job, home, pride in self, and mentor boss. Now a victim he struggles for survival in a remote area. The replacement of jobs by technology continues today. Many can relate to this 1980s story of what these everyday heroes experienced when they became among the early victims of the power of the computer.

Behind all of the good things that the computer has accomplished there are often hidden victims which experience great pain and suffering. This was particularly true for the keepers as they not only lost their job but their home and way of life. For many of them it deprived them of their culture as generations of their family had been lighthouse keepers. They went quickly and painfully from heroes to victims. Lighthouse Unmanned, an adult coming of age drama, is an independent production.

Cast and Crew

Main Cast

  • Male - 40s, lighthouse keeper physically strong
  • Male - 60s, head keeper showing his age.
  • Female - 30s, nurse beautiful
  • Female - 60s, matronly in demeanor and appearance.
  • Female - 40s, attractive elected official
  • Male - late 20s, villainous fussy lighthouse supervisor educated and
  • Male - 50s, husky electrical engineer
  • Male - 20s, brother of the nurse
  • Either -40s lighthouse supervisor
    Day Cast

  • Either - police sergeant
  • Male - 60s an electrical engineer contractor
  • Either - 20s, waitress
  • Male - 50s farmer
  • Female - 50s customer
  • Male - lighthouse keeper
  • Male - lighthouse keeper
  • Either - news anchor voice only
  • Either coast guard dispatcher voice only

Video Gallery

The first trailer made for Keepers that tells the story of lighthouse heroes who loose their job because of computerization.


A feature length movie recognizing lighthouse keepers who were first responders on coastlines.

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